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In this guided Meditation we will quiet our minds and learn techniques to become aware of our limiting non productive beliefs. By becoming aware we are taking our power back with a simple process of gracefully letting go, and replanting new productive beliefs. Once this process is understood and integrated into our lives we can tap into the peace within us any time, even in the midst of challenging life circumstances.

As the sun rises we return back to consciousness from sleep. Our mental computer program boots up and the belief system we have allowed to run our lives gains power over our thoughts and behavior. Many of us have belief systems riddled with fear, anger, judgement for self and others which translates to pain. Many of us have unconsciously allowed beliefs to be installed many learned from parents, teachers, bosses. Unfortunately often these subconscious unproductive triggers affect our behavior causing us to create conflict and pain into our lives.

Learning to identify and replace unproductive beliefs and triggers with positive affirming beliefs can transform our lives from pain to peace and joy.

Members are encouraged to bring a blanket, meditation pillow or Matt if you have back issues laying down is an option. Whatever it takes for you to be comfortable.

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Mindfulness, Relaxation & Meditation Training


Learn some simple, fast and very effective relaxation and meditation techniques for rejuvenating and relaxing mind, body and spirit from author and seasoned instructor Neal Harris, a licensed psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience spanning from China and India, to the US. You’ll learn specific breathing practices, meditation techniques, how to increase your concentration, listening and memory skills, a simple exercise to forgive self and others and more. Presenters book and CD included.

You must be registered and paid in advance. $60. 4 CEUs available.


Once you register, using the above link, you'll receive an email confirmation with driving directions and all pertinent information. Masks are required.

Benefits of the Mindfulness, Relaxation & Meditation training can include:
happier mood, deeper sleep, more productive at work, better relationships, less anxiety, healthier heart
, lower blood pressure, less pain, reduction of swelling/inflammation
and more.

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