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Hello and welcome to the ***Outgoing Adventures and Dog Events******

meetup group!

We are a group of active people that love to spend time in our beautiful outdoors with humans and also with our dogs - hiking, walking, biking and other activities. We all come together to enjoy nature, each others' company, and the joy of watching our dogs on the trails, in the forest, in the water, and yes, in the mud as well!

You do not need to bring a dog to join us, but you do need to be comfortable with them running around with us! So check out our message board, our photos and our calendar of past and current events. See what fits and what works for you. Feel free to comment, express an opinion and suggest a meetup.

We are a group of volunteer Our goal is to bring people together and enjoy 4 legged companion for a wide variety of positive experiences at our favorite locations.

We do not claim to be professional hikers and we do not have any medical training. By attending the hikes or walks you are stating that you take full responsibility for yourself. We also ask you to look out for each other. You should also be aware of your own level of fitness and health. Common sense is very important in hiking activities . Lets enjoy our hills responsibly, the outdoors can be a hazardous place.

Our organizers are not paid guides and should not be treated as such. Your safety is your own responsibility and all of your actions and inactions should be done with a degree of caution.

The organizer has option to sent you home if you are not prepared for the event.

Member Responsibilities

As a member of Dog Friendly you are responsible for your own and your dog safety and well being. Other responsibilities include: -having adequate equipment for the event , hiking requires 10 essential

-being responsible for your dog action individually and in the group of dogs

-having adequate food and water for the event

-being self sufficient

-being responsible with your RSVP's

-following trail and dog etiquette

Legal Stuff - Liabilities, Obligations and Responsibilities

Hiking activity is associated with risk- It is possible to be seriously injured or killed. Individual route descriptions may leave you with the impression that there is little difficulty or danger involved but this is not always true. Anyone a must realize that their safety lies in their own hands. You must use your own judgement to evaluate the safety of your route and situation based on your observations and abilities. Do not depend on the information provided by the organizer to keep you safe. Anyone following route descriptions provided by this site or an organizer do so at their own risk.

The organizer and any/all assistant organizers and other attendees are in no way responsible and liable for your personal safety and health state, before, during and at anytime after this event.

B y R S V Ping "Yes",

for any event, you acknowledge that you fully understand and accept the aforementioned conditions and following event attendance conditions and, you are solely responsible for your own health, safety and well-being before, during and at anytime after the event as stated previously. ALL ATTENDEES SHALL FOREVER HOLD HARMLESS THE ORGANIZERS , MEETUP GROUP AND OTHER ATTENDEES AND UNCONDITIONALLY A WAIVE ANY LIABILITIES RESULTING FROM ATTENDING AND /OR PARTICIPATING IN THE EVENT

PS: Let us know if you're interested in becoming an organizer which comes with it's incredible rewards of being able to setup events and sharing ones knowledge of trails and hikes.

Note: Before signing up, please ensure that your profile picture includes a picture of your face. We love dogs so much we can recognize them all. The humans, on the other paw, all look alike to us. :-)

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