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As individuals, we are limited... but together, we are unstoppable

Doing My Part is a home grown, grassroots movement to bring us together to help people in need right here in Charlotte.

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Mission: To give you a new and fun way to give back and join the community in an effort to help local people in need and move CLT Forward.

No matter your beliefs, race, color, religion, we are all in this together and with small collective actions, we can do amazing things. that's why the Doing My Part community exists.

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HIT THE STREETS! - Feed the Homeless in Uptown Charlotte

First United Methodist Church--parking behind church playground

For Six years, every other Sunday, a group of dedicated volunteers has taken to the streets of Uptown Charlotte with one goal in mind -- to make a difference in the lives of the homeless. Meeting up! **UPDATE: Please park at the Parking lot in the back of the Church. It is off of Church Street. We depart no later than 3:05 pm and begin our route, which brings us back to that parking lot about 1-1.5 hours later. If you arrive later than 3:05 pm we may be out of view. Our route will be about 2 miles long. Our route may change with the weather or special events happening in Uptown, as we know that those that we serve change in response to these things. But our meeting spot remains the same. How’s it work? We keep it simple. Everyone does their part and brings a little, we compile those goods, and hand them out to the people who need it most. There is no need to put together your own care package; we put together all that we have, so it’s easier if you bring everything separate. Please DO bring any grocery bags that you have, as we use these to make individual packages for those that we serve. We are walking and passing out food and supplies, so anything that you bring should be individually wrapped and ready to go. What should you bring? Sandwiches; Pb&j, simple meat and cheese, subway sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc. All individually wrapped Drinks; bottled water, Gatorade, juice boxes, flavor packets to go with water, etc Snacks; pudding, applesauce, crackers, cookies, granola bars, chips, etc Fresh fruit; Bananas, apples, oranges, etc Weather accessories- gloves, scarves, hats, hand warmers, plastic ponchos, etc These are just a few suggestions, check out our facebook (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.500994423350958.1073741829.500820420035025&type=1&l=997042d8fa) for more suggestions. All items brought, will be passed out on the streets to those who need them. Kids are welcome. Please like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/cltstreeteam (https://www.facebook.com/CLTStreetTeam/)

Bags to Beds- Making sleeping mats for Charlotte's homeless

Advent Lutheran Church

• What we'll do During this meetup, we will take plastic bags and turn them into sleeping mats for our homeless neighbors. No experience necessary, we will teach everyone how to weave the plastic bags. • What to bring PLEASE BRING A PAIR OF GOOD SCISSORS TO PARTICIPATE WITH THE PREP. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CROCHET THE MATS, PLEASE BRING A CROCHET HOOK 11.5 MM OR LARGER! • Important to know PLEASE BRING A PAIR OF GOOD SCISSORS TO PARTICIPATE WITH THE PREP. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CROCHET THE MATS, PLEASE BRING A CROCHET HOOK 11.5 MM OR LARGER!

White Oak Manor Bingo Volunteers

White Oak Manor-Charlotte

Arrive around 6:15 to assist with set up, if possible. It's optimal to have 3 - 4 people per night, but there is no true limit on number of volunteers. Duties can include calling the bingo game, assisting resident/s with their cards, socializing w/ residents prior to game, and at times escorting them back to their rooms after the game. Occasional peace-keeping. :) An easy-going and "go with the flow" attitude is helpful. Residents range in age, abilities, temperament and cognition, but they are grateful for the work we do. The number of residents tends to be in the 12 - 15 range, and they are hard-core bingo-ers. We award small cash prizes and/or dollar store gifts to winners, so if you are inclined to contribute cash (quarters or dollars) or prizes, please do so! We don't provide food items since we don't know the residents' dietary restrictions. Looking forward to meeting you! Please message me if you have any questions.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Second Harvest Food Bank

Our group will be inspecting and sorting donated food items in the warehouse. Second Harvest Food Bank works with its partner agencies to provide food assistance to people in our area who live at or below the poverty level. Over 42% of the people at risk of hunger in our area are children and seniors. In addition to providing food to homeless shelters and soup kitchens, Second Harvest directly serves children though several programs--the Backpack Program provides a backpack full of nutritious, ready to eat food that is sent home with children on weekends and holidays when school meals are not available, and the School-Based Mobile Pantry program conducts mobile pantries at various schools to provide food staples to families in need. All volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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White Oak Manor Bingo Volunteers

White Oak Manor-Charlotte

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