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Dungeons & Dragons NEW MEMBERS WELCOME
It’s Hammer/2-handed weapon time! The Blackstone Owl is San Gabriel Valley's D&D headquarters. Come and check it out if: -If you’ve always been interested. -Want to watch or participate. -You want to meet new cool friends! -Have a desire to showcase your dice rolling skills. - Come join us 5:00pm-12:30am (All Day/Night) for miniature construction and painting, dice chuckin', NPC robbin' non-stop action and fun. We have a wide variety of tools and paints for sale and use. Search for our secret D&D group on Facebook. Search "Socal Dungeons & Draons at The Blackstone Owl". I will approve you when I see it. If you’re looking for a new RPG home, or just want to see what it’s all about join us at the Blackstone Owl! (/ dadjoke)People say that we are quite a hoot. (/ dadjoke)

The Blackstone Owl

13523 Francisquito Ave · Baldwin Park