• March Southern California Domainers Meetup

    The first Southern California Domainers Meetup of the year will occur on March 30th, 2017. This meetup will be the first of its kind as it will also combine another meetup that I have started called the Southern California Cybersecurity Professionals! Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days. You can talk to the majority of registries and registrars out there and they will tell you that they have either brought in a specific set of Cybersecurity tools or that they are developing some of their own in-house. I look forward to seeing all of you there! More details about this meetup will be revealed soon, but I wanted to personally thank .XYZ again for hosting us.

  • Domain Startup Summit 2016

    Cross Campus


    Hello Southern California Domainers, It's official Domain Startup Summit 2016 will take place this summer on July 30th at CrossCampus in Santa Monica. This is one of the events that you will definitely not want to miss. Domain Startup Summit was established to unite the domain, startup and investment industries. This unified event platform will provide up-to-date industry information and partnerships that allow entrepreneurs to brand, develop and launch successful businesses. Our core values come down to these three words: Brand, Develop & Launch. Although these three keywords are easier said than done, we believe that every entrepreneur has the ability to transform an idea into something bigger and better. Domain Startup Summit 2016 is this summer's #1 meeting place in Santa Monica, California to connect with investors, startups and the domain industry thought leaders. Join us at the beautiful Cross Campus on July 30th and together we'll inspire each other to take our business ideas and partnerships to the next level! To purchase tickets to this event and save $100 feel free to utilize the following link: https://dss2016.eventbrite.com/?discount=founder Looking forward to seeing all of you this summer at Domain Startup Summit 2016! As Ron Jackson said "Domain Related Conferences Continue to Evolve". We look forward to spearheading this evolution. Best Regards, Jason Thompson Domain Startup Summit Co-Founder & Southern California Domainers Organizer Interested in sponsoring the event? We have a couple of sponsorship opportunities still available! Feel free to email s ([masked])[masked] for more information!

  • April Southern California Domainers Meetup

    The first Southern California Domainers Meetup of the year will take place at the .XYZ offices in Santa Monica, CA. If you didn't get a chance to attend the last meetup we had with .XYZ, then you certainly don't want to miss the meetup this time around! Details: Snacks, Beer and Wine will be provided during the meetup. The CEO of .XYZ, Daniel Negari will also be giving a speech during the meetup. Parking will be provided on a first come, first served basis. We will also raffle off both a domain (Courtesy of .XYZ) and 3 Domain Startup Summit (http://www.domainstartupmeetup.com) tickets! *I also have another surprise for our members, which I will be announcing at the event! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meetup. Best Regards, Jason Thompson Southern California Domainers Organizer

  • November Southern California Domainers Meetup

    Location visible to members

    Our November meetup will be held at the offices of 101Domain.com. They have been nice enough to sponsor and host the November meetup and will be providing attendees with hors d'oeuvres, pizza and beverages. I'm excited about this meetup as it will be one of our first events held within the San Diego region. Our main speakers for November's meetup will be Joe Alagna (VP of Channel Development @ 101 Domain.com) and Renee Zau (Co-Founder & CEO @ DonationMatch.com & SamplingforGood.com). DonationMatch.com and SamplingforGood.com are both self-service online platforms that transform how companies use product donations and samples for marketing at school and community events, in turn helping organizations more easily secure in-kind donations for fundraising event auctions, raffles, and gift bags with a single application. After our meetup we will head to one of the many local breweries! 101Domain.com has been nice enough to sponsor these festivities as well. For those of you driving in from Los Angeles, I would suggest making this a weekend trip. If you have any questions on hotels, etc... I will let you know where we will be staying. I look forward to seeing you there! Best Regards, Jason Thompson Southern California Domainers Organizer

  • August Southern California Domainers Meetup

    The August Southern California Domainers Meetup is proudly sponsored by .XYZ! Not only will they be hosting it, but they will also be providing food and drinks! I'm also happy to say that our main speaker for this meetup will be Daniel Negari, the CEO of .XYZ. The meetup will take place on August 20th. More details will be provided soon, but make sure to mark your calendars as this will be another great event!

  • July Southern California Domainers Meetup


    The first Southern California Domainers Meetup of the year will take place in July! I'm looking forward to getting all the old and new members together for a night full of knowledge share, networking and all out fun. More details will be provided in the next couple of weeks!

  • SILICON BEACH TLD FEST (Unofficial Meetup)

    Location visible to members

    Hello Southern California Domainers, The first ever Silicon Beach TLD Fest will occur on Monday, April 21st at 6:00 PM PDT. I want to personally thank Elliot for publishing this information on his blog. This is an unofficial meetup which I am publishing here on our meetup page to bring more awareness to this event. If you plan on going, please RSVP here on the meetup page and make sure to RSVP for the event itself here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/annenberg-beach-house-tld-fest-presented-by-minds-machines-tickets-11260084215 The event is being hosted by Frank Schilling & Antony Van Couvering and is expected to end at 10:00 PM PDT. I hope to see all of you there. Remember, you need to RSVP using the Event Brite link above as there are only 150 spots available. Best Regards, Jason Thompson SoCal Domainers Organizer

  • March Southern California Domainers Meetup With Guest Speaker Adam Dicker

    On March 29th at 7pm, the first Southern California Domainers meetup of the year will take place at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. DomainSponsor (http://www.domainsponsor.com/) has been kind enough to provide us with a conference room at the hotel. To raise the stakes a bit, I personally invited Adam Dicker to speak at the meetup! Here is a description from his meetup profile: Served as the Vice President of Go Daddy for 4 years, owns 30,000 domain names and runs 12 successful companies. SEO of Dnforum.com and Nichewebsites.­com and teach courses in 12 different countries on making money with domain names. Adam Dicker is one of the most accomplished domain investors in the industry and I personally look forward to him speaking. This will also be the perfect opportunity to network with domain investors who are in town forDomainFest (http://www.domainfest.com/). If your company would like to help sponsor this meetup, feel free to send an email to: socaldomainers[a]gmail.com

  • September Southern California Domainers Meetup

    Location visible to members

    Get your business cards ready as the first Southern California Domainers meetup of the year will take place on September 26, 2013. We've had a number of formal gatherings in the past and it has been very educational. This time around I want to take the formal out of it and gather the group together to network among each other. Some of us are great networkers and some of us need a little help. September's meetup will be purely about sharing a few drinks, stories and really connecting with one another on a business and personal scale. We haven't had a meetup in a year, so this will be the perfect way for everyone to catch up. In the coming months, look forward to meetups being scheduled more often. Thanks to all of those that reached out in the past few months. The group will now be holding meetups on a regular basis. More details will be provided about September's meetup once I am able to get a head count for it. Best Regards, Jason

  • December Southern California Domainers Meetup

    Location visible to members

    The next Southern California Domainers meetup will take place on December 8th, 2012 at 6pm. This will be the perfect time to network with your fellow domainers that you might not of seen since our last meetup in January of this year. The location for the next meetup will be at Tan Tran's house in Laguna Hills! Tan Tran is the CEO of FreshDrop, Inc. and he has invited us to his home to host the next Southern California Domainers Meetup. This event will include food and drinks!