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This meetup is aimed at music, language, dance, fitness enthusiasts and small business owners, who want to network with other like-minded people in London and perhaps create a group of people who can benefit from each other's experience and knowledge.

I look forward to hearing from members who wish to become assistant organisers.

Please don't be shy and help me run this group. There are opportunities for workshop, class and event promoters as well as freelance teachers.

"Donatello Club" meetup group is free to join. You will need to pay for the workshops, classes or events that you attend, when they are not free.

Donatello Club supports artists, musicians and performers worldwide.
Support our online community (https://donatelloclub.eu) by purchasing a digital product, https://payhip.com/donatello or just join our affiliate program, https://goo.gl/EF1LIJ and share your affiliate links along with your projects in our FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DonatelloClub).
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Upcoming events (5+)

Practise Spanish, listen to live music and dance - Free non-hosted meetup

Let's meet up for practising Spanish, listening to live music (Sevillanas, Rumba Catalana ...) and dancing. There is no meetup fee for this event but support us by attending other workshops, classes, events and parties that we promote and organise. This is a non-hosted event. There is no meetup fee for this event. This place is full of friendly people and I have been going there since 1991. It's like a big family. I promote this event because it's great and I know the musicians. I always invite some members to attend but it's up to them if they will. Regards Donatello

Friday Night Salsa Fever! Free non-hosted meetup. Free entry before 7pm

CHANGE YOUR RSVP TO "NO" IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND THIS MEETUP. There is no meetup fee for this event. This is a non-hosted event Full members, "Donatello club" and "multi-pass" card holders don't need to RSVP and can come directly to the event. Dear members Enjoy this event! ENTRY PRICES 6.30PM = Free, 7PM = £2.00, 8PM = £4.00, 9PM =£8.00 11PM = £10.00 Friday night, come along and join the fun !! Friday nights kick off with dance classes at 6.30pm - 8.30pm from Kwamee. This great teacher will take you through an introduction to Salsa , Merengue and Lambada. The classes are held on the main floor and are completely FREE. You can join in at any time. After the classes DJ Jorge starts his session with popular Latin tunes and as the evening progresses more Latin club and commercial music. DJ Jorge is sure to make you all run to the dance floor with his own unique mixes You will dance non-stop. There is a band each Friday playing the best in salsa, merengue and more. They keep the night lively and the dance floor full. Get in touch if you want to be an event host for the evening. See you soon Donatello

Free non-hosted multi-language chat event. Practise your language skills

Practise your language skills, meet new people and make new friends. This is a non-hosted event. There is no meetup fee for this event. Terms, conditions and prices can change at the discretion of the organisers. See you soon Donatello P.s. Organisers reserve the right to RSVP for inactive members. If you find this place too busy you can go to Sevilla Mia - 22 Hanway St, London W1T 1UQ, where you can meet friendly people, practise Spanish, listen to Spanish live music and dance from 10pm. I have been going to Sevilla Mia since 1991. http://youtu.be/pGkxF8HKRa8?list=UUomRnM_mYbbOrc_mKPNVtWg

Every Friday @ St. Peter's Hall, Salsa Classes

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Every Friday @ St. Peter's Hall, Salsa Classes as Follows: 8pm Beginners + Beginners + Improvers + Intermediate/ Advanced x 1 Class £5.00 x 1 Club £4 The club starts from 9.15pm The event host is Nicolas. Look or ask for Nicolas. Mention Donatello's meetup group or club.

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