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What we’re about

This meetup is open to any and all women & men looking to heal and move forward from all experiences of relational abuse. Specific focus will be given to narcissism & hidden narcissistic abuse. Topics of conversations will include the sharing of our stories (not a requirement for attendance, only when we feel strong enough and ready to, you will know when you're ready, please just come and listen if that is the only strength you have in you), surviving traumas, malicious, intentional and calculated acts, tried and true strategies we have used to implement healing, safety, reductions in stress, and the strengths to move forward from our experiences to rebuild our life.

Our Meetup Group will meet to unite together and bring forth peace, compassion, knowledge, experiences,support & understanding, gentle guidance, awareness and promote strategies for healing and moving forward with rebuilding our lives. A variety of locations and activities will be used with many different opportunities for gatherings and outings and annual/bi-annual transformational field trips. Sometimes we will meet to speak. Other times we will aim to meet to just bring us all together for a good experience without much discussion.

If you have never been to a meetup, please do not hesitate to join. The first ones are always hardest to attend. Once you attend one, you will find so much relief. No one really knows each other most of the time, each time its usually different people and different places, but together we will always stand united.

Love & Light in the meantime,
I look forward to meeting you soon.

Marta Raczkowska