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(in-person) Azure Web PubSub & The quest for Serverless web sockets

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(in-person) Azure Web PubSub & The quest for Serverless web sockets


If you RSVP for this event, you reserve a seat for the in-person part of the meetup in Amsterdam. If you want to attend virtually, please RVSP to the virtual meetup.

18:00 doors open
18:00 - 18:45 walk-in, food & drinks
18:45 - 19:00 welcome & introduction
19:00 - 20:00 Eduard Keilholz - Forget SignalR! Start working real-time with Azure Web PubSub
20:00 - 21:00 Marc Duiker - The quest for Serverless web sockets - an adventure with Azure Functions & Durable functions
21:00 - 21:45 chat & drinks
21:45 doors closing

Food will be served at the meetup, with omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options. We would like to thank our sponsor Effectory for making this event possible.

Eduard Keilholz - Forget SignalR! Start working real-time with Azure Web PubSub
Getting real-time information on processes and operations is essential when creating convenient, user-friendly web systems. With Web PubSub, Microsoft took the next step by enabling your to leverage real-time communication right from your browser. In this session, I will show you how to use Web PubSub and discover some advanced scenarios using alternative protocols, that enable real-time communication between servers and clients.

Eduard Keilholz
Eduard is a Cloud Solution Architect at 4DotNet (The Netherlands). He likes to help customers with implementing and experiencing cloud technologies. He likes to create highly performant software and help team members reach a higher skill level of software development. He focusses is on the Microsoft development stack, mainly C# and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, and has a strong affinity with Angular. He enjoys speaking at (inter)national conferences and contributing to community events. In 2020, Microsoft has recognized these community activities with the Microsoft MVP Award for Azure.

Marc Duiker - The quest for serverless web sockets: An adventure with Azure functions & durable functions

What do you need to build a serverless application that can communicate with client devices in realtime? In this session I'll show how to combine Azure Functions, Durable Functions and serverless WebSockets (Ably) to achieve this.

The context is a multi-player ADnD style game (with pixel-art of course) running on Azure Static Web Apps. I'll cover: - How the clients interact with HTTP triggered functions in the .NET based Azure Functions back-end. - How Durable Entities are used for the centralized game state. - How serverless WebSockets are used to sync the state to the clients.

We will play the game live as well!

Marc is a Sr Developer Advocate at Diagrid with a strong focus on event-driven architectures in the Azure cloud. He loves helping developers to achieve more every day.

You might have seen Marc at a developer meetup or conference since he's a regular speaker in the area of Azure cloud & serverless technologies. He started Azure Functions University, a free and open source learning curriculum on GitHub, where everyone can learn about Azure Functions at their own pace. From 2019 to 2023 Marc received the Microsoft Azure MVP award for his community contributions.

In his spare time, Marc likes to give attention to the creative part of his brain. He likes to create pixel art (check out VSCode Pets), code visuals & music, and an occasional retro game.

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.NET / dotnet Amsterdam meetup
.NET / dotnet Amsterdam meetup
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