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Due to the current situation with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the UK we'll be meeting remotely. The session will be held on the York Developers slack channel #dotnetyork ( If you don't have access to the Slack group please message me and I'll sort it out.

We'll be running a hands-on mobbing kata via VS Live Share, we'll choose a Kata and then go around the table each implementing a test and writing the code to make it pass.

If you've not done much C# coding before, they'll be lots of friendly people to give you a hand, so don't worry 👍.

We'll have a fairly relaxed agenda, but will follow:
- 👋 Introduction / Housekeeping
- 🗣️ Round table introductions
- 👨‍🏫 Mob C# Coding Kata
- 🎉 Closing
- 🍻 Virtual Social

You'll need the following setup on your laptop to join in the event:
- Slack -
- VSCode -
- VSCode Live Share Plugin -

Can people ensure that their webcams are enabled and turned on during the event, I know it's a little scary at first but people's facial expressions and body language allow people to engage with other people a lot easier than just looking at an avatar 👍.

If anyone has any problems feel free to message me.