Prototyping on the Cheap

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Our Agenda:

• 6:00pm - 6:45pm: Food & networking

• 6:45pm - 8:30pm: Our featured speaker

Fred Brooks tells us when building a new system to plan to throw one away, because you will, anyhow.

In this talk, we'll explore different .NET tools & libraries we can use to create models and interactive prototypes that we plan on throwing away. We'll talk about how we can build simple but readable static models in F# to help us understand the domain model and generate examples. We'll implement functions in C#/F# that we can show to a business analysist and use fuzzing tools like QuickCheck to look for counter-examples. Finally, we'll create quick & dirty UIs in LINQPad that let us create interactive models so we can see what happens, and we'll inject random errors to see what happens when things break.

Our Speaker: Steve Goguen
Steve works in the building materials industry and builds ecommerce, merchandising and delivery tracking systems using a mix of object-oriented and functional components. When he's not busy, he sometimes makes very short F# screencasts on Twitter on @fsharpcasts. You can reach him on Twitter @sgoguen.