Entity Framework Double Bill by Jon Smith


Building Better Entity Framework Applications

Entity Framework is designed to make accessing a database easy, but a bit of forethought can help to keep things from becoming a mess. Jon Smith will share some of the approaches, patterns and packages he has found useful in building robust, refactorable and well performing application quickly using Entity Framework. Suitable for both newcomers to Entity Framework and experts.

DevOps and Entity Framework – migrating your production database

Changing a database structure (e.g. the tables, columns in a database) isn't a trivial thing to do, especially when the database contains live data from real users. Jon Smith with describe some of the issues that can occur and why you need to be careful. He then shows some of the different ways you can change a database structure, using Entity Framework as an example.

About our speaker Jon Smith

Jon started as a software programmer and then moved into managing technical teams, with his last salaries role as a technical director in a SME. After a 21 year break from programming he found himself being called back to programming to help his wife on a maths modelling project in 2009. Since then he has focused on .Net and become an expert on Entity Framework, ASP.NET and various JavaScript frameworks. He is currently writing a book for Manning Publishing on Entity Framework Core.

Blog: http://www.thereformedprogrammer.net/

Books: https://www.simple-talk.com/author/jon-smith/

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jon-p-smith-97a327

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