Microservices using Kubernetes with Shahid Iqbal & Elixir intro with Mike Bowen

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Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building Room 1025

Owen Building Room 1025, Hallam University, City Campus Howard Street · Sheffield

How to find us

Enter through the Main Hallam University Entrance, Take the lifts to the 10th floor.

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This event will be broken down into 2 talks, MIX IT UP: An Introduction to Elixir and Solving microservices challenges on the Kubernetes platformbeing presented by Mike Bowen and Shahid Iqbal.

👉 MIX IT UP: An Introduction to Elixir.

Mike Bowen is a software developer at ByBox. He likes esoteric programming languages, arcane text editors and the music of The Fiery Furnaces.

👉 Solving microservices challenges on the Kubernetes platform **

Developing microservices based applications is a hot trend in our industry.
However the journey to microservices is fraught with problems, by trying to solve one problem we often introduce a set of new ones.

This talk introduces a "journey" to microservices and highlights some new problems that are created by adopting such an architecture.

We then step through how we can leverage cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes and service meshes such as Istio to try and address some of these new problems.

This talk along with demos will cover many topics in an area which is rapidly evolving however we'll try and focus on the fundamental problems, and demonstrate tools that can help make the experience better or simply easier to manage.

Attendees will learn:
Why microservices introduce many new challenges.
How cloud native technologies (such as Kubernetes, Azure Dev Spaces, Istio) can try and help address these challenges.
Some general guidance on microservices architecture.

Some knowledge of microservices, containers and Kubernetes is useful but not essential we'll cover the basic topics

Presented at NDC Sydney 2018