March Lightning Talks!

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Following our continued success of the lightning talks, we are hosting another round! We will be having 6 speakers doing a 10-15 minute lightning talks, if you would like to get involved please message me on meetup or twitter.

❗❗ 🌐 This is an online event, we'll be hosting the event on Zoom, the link for the meeting is below, however, we'll only announce the password just before the event.
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A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or a similar forum. Several lightning talks will usually be delivered by different speakers in a single session, sometimes called a data blitz.


👉 Automatically finding and fixing bugs with git - Paul Michaels (@paul_michaels)
👉 Testing your ASP.NET Core APIs - Kevin Smith (@kev_bite)
👉 Database deployments - Giulio Vian (@giulio_vian)
👉 .NET 5 on the pi - Pete Gallagher (@pete_codes)
👉 Introduction to machine learning - Irene Sarigu (@WinnieIre)
👉 Getting started with Gatsby - John Kilmister (@johnkilmister)