.NET South East November 2017 - Michael Newton

This is a past event

40 people went

Madgex Ltd

1 Gloucester Place · Brighton

How to find us

On arrival at the Madgex building we expect to have a Madgex employee in the foyer to greet you. If no-one is there, please use the intercom and someone will let you in and come down to escort you.

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Please arrive from 6:30pm, the talk will start at 7pm. Access after 7pm will be limited so please arrive on time. Madgex are kindly providing some snacks and beer for our attendees to enjoy.

Please RSVP so that we can accommodate the numbers with the correct seating and room configuration.

Making Distributed Systems in .NET Easier

A good API doesn't just allow you to do something - it teaches you how to do something. RouteMaster is an open source project for "writing stateful workflows on top of a message bus. It exists to make the implementation of long running business processes easy in event driven systems."

It lifts heavily from the ideas in the book "Enterprise Integration Patterns", and aims to sit on top of a messaging library such as EasyNetQ and teach a developer how to make use of the patterns from the book without shooting themselves in the foot.

RouteMaster is still very much under construction, and Michael will both walk you through the basics of distributed systems and why the API is designed the way it is so far, as well as collecting feedback on how to make it better.

You can find RouteMaster on github:


About Michael Newton

Michael (mavnn) is a programmer, consultant and trainer: check out more of what he does at https://mavnn.co.uk (https://mavnn.co.uk/) or sneak a cheeky discount on his latest course with the imaginative discount code