.NET South East March 2018 - Joe Stead

This is a past event

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Madgex Ltd

1 Gloucester Place · Brighton

How to find us

On arrival at the Madgex building we expect to have a Madgex employee in the foyer to greet you. If no-one is there, please use the intercom and someone will let you in and come down to escort you.

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Learning Kotlin as a C# Developer:

There are hundreds of programming languages out there now, more seem to crop up every week, trying to learn them all is an impossible task. Learning Kotlin, like any language, presented various challenges. Is my code idiomatic? Is this a good use of the language, or am I abusing the syntax to solve my problem? We'll start with a basic introduction to Kotlin, how to get up and running with relative ease, and then we'll start comparing simple applications written in C# and seeing how we could write them in Kotlin instead. Finally, we'll share ideas to help you start writing Kotlin immediately, without rewriting all of your existing .NET code.

About Joe:

Joe is currently working on software that is designed to scale to millions of users concurrently, and he has been for the past 3 years. Prior to that, he spent some time working on security-conscious systems. His current focus is on writing the cleanest code and discovering the best tool for the job.

Joe has recently started his own user group in Hull, East Yorkshire in an attempt to help as many developers as possible learn about cool, interesting tech!