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[If you want to improve your English, please ALSO join us at our other group for just ESL (English immersion). We have a different free event every week! Meetup.com/LingoParlor]

Welcome to Double Talkers!!

Did you know you are already bilingual? We build on THAT.
Like any variable, bilingualism is just a matter of degree. At Double Talkers, we don't "teach" you languages. We help you expand your bilingualism.

Is Double Talkers right for you?
Join Double Talkers if you are flexible and can laugh at your own mistakes. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take bilingualism very seriously. Double Talkers is not a "class" or a "conversation partner group," so it doesn't have a "level" like those modalities do.

What is Double Talkers?
Each Double Talkers event has a theme around which coaches and participants discuss the similarities and differences between English and another language . We compare the two languages side-by-side. We all offer and learn alternative ways to say things in both languages: vocabulary, phrasing, practical country-specific terms, etc.

This is why Double Talkers is both beginner-friendly as well being an opportunity for more advanced learners to learn new things and hear native speech from around the world.

At Double Talkers, everyone is both learner and expert. You can use either language or mix the two languages to say what you want. Then we fill in the gaps: together.

You can ask a question, answer a question, guess a meaning, offer an interpretation, or give us specific examples of how the language is spoken in your location.

Using your native language is not a "problem" because others can benefit from hearing your native speech.

At Double Talkers, it is never too late to learn to communicate better in another language.

* * * * *

Please Note: We are recruiting more volunteer hosts and co-hosts at this time. Co-hosting requires no teaching experience, just the heart of a teacher. You don't have to be fully bilingual in both languages because you won't host alone. Send us a message to find out more!

Double Talkers is sponsored by Parlay Vacay: English Immersion Weekends (and Online Language Coaching). Parlay Vacay offers short, in-person holiday style English courses for small groups in great destinations and many options to learn English and other languages online.

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Policy of Membership
Thank you for joining Double Talkers! Membership is free. Besides respectful behavior during events, we ask 3 things of our members.

To join, maintain membership, and participate in our events, you must:

  1. Provide genuine answers to our admission questions--otherwise, we will assume you are either a bot or aren't genuinely interested.
  2. Never solicit other members for anything unrelated such as dating, outside sales, or proselytizing. You will be removed without warning. Please report this if it happens to you!
  3. Maintain an accurate RSVP. Members will be removed after the third "no-show" RSVP in a row.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping us make this a safe and friendly community.


Upcoming events (4+)

French and English FREE Dual Language Learning Hour

Link visible for attendees

[Cette description en anglais est suivie du français]
This description is in English followed by the French.

To enter the event, your "Zoom name" must MATCH the name on your meetup profile. This is for group security.

All events will be locked TEN MINUTES after the start time. New participants will not be allowed to enter more than ten minutes late.
Thank you!

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Do you wish you were bilingual in English and French?
If your answer is YES, then Double Talkers is for you!

Double Talkers is NOT A CLASS with a "level."
Double Talkers is NOT A “CONVERSATION GROUP” (even if we converse).

Double Talkers hosts bilingual learning EVENTS.
Whether you're a total beginner or advanced, Double Talkers will expand your bilingualism.

Double Talkers is something NEW!
Double Talkers is a more natural way for curious learners to learn languages. Compare them! Mix them! Learn from AND teach each other!

Comparing is how adults learn languages.
Double Talkers helps us discover how two languages are similar and different AND how FUN it is TO BECOME bilingual.

At Double Talkers, everyone is a learner--and an expert!
Sometimes you will ask a question. Sometimes you will answer a question. When you don't understand, speak up and let us know! Those who understand will help you understand too. It will help them reinforce (or check) their understanding. Our focus: Learn and share lots of new vocabulary and ways to say what you want.

3 Important Tips:
1. Instead of taking notes, relax and pay close attention. Being fully present will help you learn more than anything else you can do.
2. Participate! Use either language or mix them. Ask questions anytime!
3. When you know all the answers, let others try too and be willing to help. Helping will reinforce (and check) your own knowledge.

Thank you for attending Double Talkers. We're SO glad you're here!

* * * * *
Pour participer à l'événement, votre "nom Zoom" doit CORRESPONDRE au nom sur votre profil meetup. C'est pour la sécurité du groupe.

Tous les événements seront verrouillés DIX MINUTES après l'heure de début. Les nouveaux participants ne seront pas autorisés à entrer plus de dix minutes en retard.

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Souhaitez-vous être bilingue en anglais et en français?
Si votre réponse est OUI, alors Double Talkers est fait pour vous !

Double Talkers n'est PAS UNE CLASSE avec un "niveau".
Double Talkers n'est PAS UN « GROUPE DE CONVERSATION » (même si nous conversons).

Double Talkers organise des ÉVÉNEMENTS d'apprentissage bilingue.
Que vous soyez débutant ou avancé, Double Talkers développera votre bilinguisme. Notre objectif : apprendre beaucoup de nouveau vocabulaire et de nouvelles façons de dire ce que vous voulez dire lors d'un événement amusant et modéré.

Double Talkers est quelque chose de NOUVEAU !

Double Talkers est un moyen plus naturel pour les apprenants curieux d'apprendre les langues. Comparez-les! Mélange les! Apprenez les uns des autres ET enseignez-vous les uns les autres !

Comparer, c'est comment les adultes apprennent les langues.
Double Talkers nous aide à découvrir comment deux langues sont similaires et différentes ET combien il est AMUSANT DE DEVENIR bilingue.

Chez Double Talkers, tout le monde est apprenant et expert !
Parfois, vous poserez une question. Parfois, vous répondrez à une question. Si vous ne comprenez pas, parlez-en et faites-le nous savoir ! Ceux qui comprennent vous aideront à comprendre aussi. Cela les aidera à renforcer (ou à vérifier) ​​leur compréhension.

Notre objectif : apprendre et partager de nombreux nouveaux vocabulaires et façons de dire.

3 conseils importants :
1. Au lieu de prendre des notes, détendez-vous et faites très attention. Être pleinement présent vous aidera à apprendre plus que tout ce que vous pouvez faire d'autre.
2. Participez ! Utilisez l'une ou l'autre langue ou mélangez-les. Posez des questions à tout moment !
3. Lorsque vous connaissez toutes les réponses, laissez les autres essayer aussi et soyez prêt à vous aider. Aider renforcera (et vérifiera) vos propres connaissances.

Merci d'avoir participé à Double Talkers. Nous sommes TELLEMENT heureux que vous soyez ici !

Spanish Verb Machine (paid series of 10 sessions: $25/topic or $200 package)

Link visible for attendees


The topic for this session will be confirmed (see order of topics below).

Each session is 50 minutes including a five-minute setup at the beginning for connectivity adjustments.

"Spanish Verb Machine” is a series of 10 unique sessions.

Each session focuses on a different aspect of the verb tense conjugation system in Spanish. In completing the series, participants will learn to use all verbs types in every tense, person, and mode correctly.

Single classes can be reserved for $25 each (space permitting and only in the final 24 hours).

$200 (You save $100)
Pre-paid certificate package (or upgrade for $200) for priority reservations in all 10 classes--plus pre and post one-to-one evaluations of 30 minutes each by appointment and a certificate of graduation (24-hour cancellation policy applies). Note: 24-hour cancellation and 90-day expiration policies apply to all prepaid package sessions.


All sessions cover both regular and irregular verbs and any uses of auxiliary verbs in conjunction with these in both the indicative and subjunctive modes

1. Presente
2. Pretérito
3. Presente Perfecto
4. Imperfecto
5. Pasado Perfecto
6. Futuro
7. Condicional
8. Futuro Perfecto
9. Condicional Perfecto
10. Imperativo Mood

Spanish Stumbling Blocks (paid series of 5 workshops: $50/topic or $200 package)

Link visible for attendees


Each workshop in this series is unique, focusing on one of the five most common obstacles to true fluency in Spanish.

The topic of this workshop (3/30/2023) will be "Ser and Estar."
Learn the difference between two of the most important Spanish verbs,
which cause the greatest confusion because they both translate to "to be" in English.

In this workshop, you will learn all the rules and understand how to follow them with ease through examples and worksheets (included) as well as plenty of opportunities to practice them in our very small live session for only 5-6 participants.

Note: Each workshop is 100 minutes including a five-minute setup at the beginning and a ten-minute break in the middle.

Per Workshop: $50
Certificate Package (Prepaid or Upgrade): $200 (You save $150!) includes 2 one-to-one Evaluations and priority seating in 5 workshops

The pre-paid certificate package (or upgrade for $200) includes priority reservations in all 5 workshops--plus pre and post one-to-one evaluations of up to 30 minutes each by appointment and a certificate of graduation. Note: 24-hour cancellation and 90-day expiration policies apply to all prepaid package sessions.

* * * * *
The topics for the 5 rotating weekly workshops:

1. Ser & Estar: the extensive differences between the two most important verbs which both mean "to be" in English

2. Pretérito & Imperfecto: the two most common past tenses used in conversation

3. Pronombres: direct, indirect, and reflexive pronouns, their meanings and when to use, replace, or repeat them

4. Por & Para: the two most extensively used prepositions which also cause the most confusion for learners

5. Indicativo vs. Subjuntivo: these modes or "moods" of Spanish verbs alter meaning and, when used in error, can cause misunderstanding.

NEW! Portuguese and English FREE Dual Language Learning Hour

Link visible for attendees

[A descrição do evento está em inglês seguida de português.]

All events will be locked TEN MINUTES after the start time.

Thank you!

* * * * *
Do you speak English and want to learn Portuguese?
Do you speak Portuguese and want to learn English?

This event is for BOTH!
and suitable for beginners through intermediate learners, but advanced learners will learn new things too.

Double Talkers events are low-level pressure but high-level fun. We lead bilingual games, challenges, and other learning activities. You can participate in either language and even mix them because that is how we all "expand our bilingualism" in a natural way.

Please tell others about our event! Thank you!

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Coach "Angie"

Angela Brumett PhD
Parlay Vacay: English Immersion Weekends and Online Coaching

* * * * *

Todos os eventos serão bloqueados DEZ MINUTOS após o horário de início.

* * * * *
Você fala inglês e quer aprender português?
Você fala português e quer aprender inglês?
Este evento é para AMBOS!

Adequado para iniciantes até alunos intermediários, mas os alunos avançados também aprenderão algumas coisas.

Os eventos Double Talkers são de baixo nível de pressão, mas divertidos de alto nível. Lideramos jogos bilíngues, desafios e outras atividades de aprendizagem. Você pode participar em qualquer um dos idiomas e até misturá-los porque é assim que "expandimos nosso bilinguismo" de maneira natural.

Por favor, conte aos outros sobre o nosso evento! Obrigada!
Ansioso para conhecer todos vocês!


"Coach Angie"

Angela Brumett PhD
Parlay Vacay: fins de semana de imersão em inglês e treinamento online


Past events (74)

Spanish and English FREE Dual Language Learning Hour

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