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From the Hudson to the High Line: Sunset & Night Photography

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A funny thing happens when the sun goes down in NYC, it doesn’t get dark. In fact, it never gets dark, the light from the sun, the sole source of illumination for everyone, everywhere, gets replaced with millions of light sources. From the headlights of Taxi’s, the warm glow of shop signs, from the yellowish hue of the sodium vapor street lights, to the sickly green hue of the subway’s fluorescents to the bright chaotic flickering of the multitude of screens seemingly everywhere, nighttime in NYC explodes with photographic potential. This is when the city truly comes alive. In fact, there is a much richer tapestry of light and texture that appears, and only appears, once the sun has set. Learn the tools, tricks and techniques needed to capture the essence of the darker side of the big apple.

In this class you will learn how to take advantage of the enormous photographic potential that night time offers while walking along a piece of modern history on Manhattan’s West Side. The High Line is NYC’s newest public park, built, on an historic and abandoned freight rail line suspended high above the streets on Chelsea down through the Meatpacking District on the West Side. A work of art in and of itself, the highline is a space for many public artworks along with a perfect location from which to photograph two of NYC’s most colorful locales.

Some topics to be covered include:

• Camera settings and critical techniques used to capture the night

• Panning - motion blur and selective focus

• Working with slow shutter speeds and using super slow shutter speeds

• Choice of light through timing, composition and perspective

• Proper gear needed to take advantage of night-time shooting include tripods, remote shutter releases, mirror lockup, focusing tricks and more

• Choice of shutter speed and how that affects the aesthetic of the image, manipulating time itself

• Solutions for white balancing when exposing multiple sources

• Camera stabilization tips and techniques

Requirements: Knowledge of Manual Settings. Please email Dawn at [masked] for more information on setting up a private session for Manual Settings if you need to learn or practice them with an instructor. Bring your camera and a tripod. Remote shutter release is optional but recommended.

Do not be late as we will be immediately moving to capture the twilight sky and (hopefully) sunset colors!

About the Instructor:

Ron Jautz is a professional corporate and editorial shooter with over 30 years experience. He specializes in photographing people and travels extensively for clients such as Pfizer, Bank of New York, Time Warner, Inc., Walgreens, Canon USA, Seton Hall University, Duke University, Forbes Magazine and Conde Nast. Over the years Ron has photographed Presidents and Prime Ministers, Members of Congress and Supreme Court Justices, celebrities, athletes and CEOs. In addition to his commercial work, Ron also shoots fine art, having shown work in Galleries up and down the east coast. His most recent exhibit of images from Antarctica will be on display this Fall in North Carolina. To learn more about Ron and his work, please visit his website at (

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