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What we’re about

Drawn Together is a group for people who love to draw, paint, and use other artistic mediums regardless of skill level!

The group has a new organizer interested in helping it to get active again. It has been a challenging couple of years for everyone and hopefully we can all start getting out once more to learn, share and engage in artistic pursuits together.

Traditionally, this group meets at local venues such as Panera Bread or at plein air settings and members bring their art supplies to sketch while enjoying coffee, sandwiches etc., or relaxing outdoors.

We hope to continue doing such meetups as well as incorporating other activities involving art.

Photographers and videographers are also welcome and encouraged to join. There may be times the group will be at locations where you could obtain some great photos and footage. Or we will be going on photo walks to collect images for reference material for painting, drawing or mixed media projects.

Also of interest will be activities to explore art crafts, epoxy, maker and woodworking projects if there is an interest.

The goal is just to get together in a relaxing atmosphere to creatively explore. There is no pressure and if you don’t feel like doing art on a particular day, but just want to come along to socialize, observe or learn, feel free to!