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The Dream Priestess(TM) Circle is a women's gathering where you can explore everyday magic. You will awaken and deepen your spiritual gifts (e.g. intuition), step into your spiritual power as a leader, and play with new ways of accessing spiritual guidance.

Whether you're experienced with your spiritual gifts, or just discovering you have them, join us for creative exploration and fun.

The gatherings are at my home and there's room for about 10 women.

About Amy Brucker

Amy is a Dream Priestess(TM) with an extensive background in shamanic healing and guidance, energy reading, dreamwork, creative expression, and business coaching. In her work, Amy uses her gifts as an intuitive empath to support strong, successful women who long to integrate their spiritual gifts into the full scope of their daily lives. She offers private mentoring programs as well as the Dream Priestess(TM) Initiation Program. She has a B.A. in art and an M.A. in spirituality, and was ordained as an interfaith minister.

The Dream Priestess(TM) engages her spiritual power to dream her life into being. She knows that the more connected she is to her intuition, imagination, dreams, and nature, the more easily she can create magic for the benefit of herself and others.

Personal Note:

In the 15 years I've been teaching and mentoring, I've met many women who are intuitives, empaths, psychics, mediums, etc., but who keep this part of themselves secret so they can succeed in their careers or retain respect from their family and friends.

These women often feel like they're leaving half of themselves locked in the closet, and consequently, they feel unfulfilled and alone despite their success. Yet more and more women are tired of hiding out. They're ready to confront their fears and be more open about who they are, and that's where I can help. When my clients work wit me, they begin to trust their gifts in bigger ways. They use their gifts to navigate their lives, relationships, health, businesses or careers. They feel more and more confident in who they are, and as a result, they begin to feel the deep soulful satisfaction that comes from living their true purpose.

To learn more go to www.amybrucker.com (http://www.amybrucker.com/)

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