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Are you an Individual who has decided to take control of your own life? Are you an Entrepreneur with an idea but has no idea how or where to begin? Are you a seasoned businessman/woman hitting a blind spot in your business? or simply, Are you an individual who likes to explore on the other side of your comfort zone? Well, i'm a passionate young Entrepreneur, Holistic Life Coach, Business Consultant, Advisor to a Select few, avid traveller, and i love to explore the best of life along with my family and friends. Let's meet for a coffee/juice/ice cream to network where i the agenda can begin with: 1. We pay for our own food/drink and be seated [no smoking] 2. We introduce ourselves [2 mins each] 3. A brief of - Why you are in the meetup and what you would like to achieve being part of this group [1 min each] 4. Meetup Host talk [10 minutes] 5. Q&A & Information share [20 mins] 6. 1-to-1 Networking [2 mins each] Simple Rules: Meetup Language: English Clothing: Decent and Respectful according to UAE law Behavior: Be kind with everyone involved, can exchange name cards.

Karakha Restaurant And Cafe

Baghdad Street · Dubai

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These workshops bring an awareness to the fears and limiting beliefs you run and how they effect your body and life. You will experience an energetic release from these fears, so that you can move forward with ease. When releasing your fears, shifting your mindset and engaging with your imagination; effortless, magical experiences and opportunities flow. Use your limitless imagination in creating the life you want.

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