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"Nothing happens in this world until it is dreamed first" - Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) saying.

Meet fellow dreamers and share your dreams in a safe, fun and encouraging place. Discover your worlds within worlds. Your life may transform here.

The impossible happens here on a regular basis.

You are the producer, writer, director and star of your dreams. Open yourself to the unlimited potential of Yourself and the Universe. We use guided visualizations, intuition and creative games to peel away the onion layers of meaning in our dreams and take action on our best ones to live a more enriching and magical life.

This is your group. We encourage your initiative and participation.

For us nightmares are just unfinished dreams.

You have final say over what your dream means.

Live Your Best Dreams Now!

Thank you - Michelle, New group leader;

Gabby & Roger
Dream Club of New York Founders

Upcoming events (1)

Saturday by the Sea- Dreamshare (If you happen to be down by the shore)

Location visible to members

Attempting my annual trek to the sea shore to start the warmer season - This year has been rough, smiles, and we've all earned a getaway... I can't wait to get there! I extend an invite to anyone who wants to journey there - Of course we can meet by the water on another day in NYC as well - Whenr one member joined us here two years ago the sounds of wind and sea were so relaxing I don't think we remembered to workshop a dream!

If you 'd like contact info or room availability at the House By the Sea I'm glad to share... There's a huge fun annual flea market this Saturday, you can train or bus to town and then come sit in the shade for refreshment with me after, to look at the beach and peaceful boards, around 4:30, with an iced tea. (House sells cold beverages for a couple bucks each or you can bring your own...)

Bring a dream you'd like to share as well.

Email me any time - Thank you again,


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