What we're about

Focused on the things which matter:
The planet, people, process, perspective, planning, possibilities, products. projects, programmes.

Our Purpose & Passion springs from transforming Pain & Problems into Realised Possibilities.

We believe that everything is designed, and originates from a thought.
We believe you learn best, by doing. And that to be whole as intelligent human beings, we need to dream, think & do = (research, strategise & implement)

We aim to change the world through thought & participation, by changing how we think and view the world around us, and by changing what and how we do...There are bigger problems in the world...Use your skills in a new direction.

Vision: To solve REAL problems & influence positive progress for ALL. "We're all about PEACE"

Yes, we are a bunch of hippies, but we're mostly strategic realists. We believe the world can be changed for the better, and that all of humanity deserves to be uplifted and empowered.

Mission: Connecting Creative Entrepreneurs with Technological, Social & Environmental Issues.

Focus: Sustainability, Experience, Inclusion, Participatory Education, Collective Intelligence

(let's take the imagined and make it real) - For dreamers, thinkers, thing-makers & do-ers

Recurring themes: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Community, Entrepreneurship

Ideal group for Designers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Students, Humans in general --or anyone who wants to learn about Designing for Social & Environmental Impact. For anyone who wants to create real change.

Our philosophy: GIVE, LIVE, LEARN & EARN

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Future Fridays in Florida

Florida Library

Future Fridays in Florida

Florida Library

Future Fridays in Florida

Florida Library

Future Fridays in Florida

Florida Library

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