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What we’re about

Focused on the things which matter:

The planet, people, process, perspective, planning, possibilities, products. projects, programmes.

Our Purpose & Passion springs from transforming Pain & Problems into Realised Possibilities.

We believe that everything is designed, and originates from a thought.
We believe you learn best, by doing. And that to be whole as intelligent human beings, we need to dream, think & do = (research, strategise & implement)
We aim to change the world through thought & participation, by changing how we think and view the world around us, and by changing what and how we do...There are bigger problems in the world...Use your skills in a new direction. 
Vision: To solve REAL problems & influence positive progress for ALL. "We're all about PEACE"

Yes, we were idealists, but we're mostly strategic realists. We believe the world can be changed for the better, and that all of humanity deserves to be uplifted and empowered.

Mission: Connecting Creative Entrepreneurs with Technological, Social & Environmental Issues.

Focus: Sustainability, Experience, Inclusion, Participatory Education, Collective Intelligence

(let's take the imagined and make it real) - For dreamers, thinkers, thing-makers & do-ers
Recurring themes: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, Community, Entrepreneurship

Ideal group for Designers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Students, Humans in general --or anyone who wants to learn about Designing for Social & Environmental Impact. For anyone who wants to create real change.

Our philosophy: GIVE, LIVE, LEARN & EARN

social media:

  • @tdesignerd
  • @xedri3