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Warm-up for AWS Community Day DACH

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Warm-up for AWS Community Day DACH


Dear community,
we are very happy to welcome the AWS community from the DACH region here in Dresden on October 19th (! As many attendees will already travel on the day before we would like to run a meetup on the evening for warm-up and as an additional networking opportunity.

T-Systems will host the meetup in their office at Riesaer Straße.

17 Uhr: room open, get together
18 Uhr: opening of the meetup, talk 1 and discussion
Speaker: Martin Lehmann, CTO Groundfog,
Going beyond static, hand-crafted webpages: building a fluid web
The larger a company is the more products they have and authored content they usually create. Users visiting such a companies webpage often do not have the time or patience to browse thousands of pages, just to find something that is interesting to them. That is why we set out to build a “fluid” webpage for our customer. The main goal was to get rid of “static”, hand-crafted pages and instead deliver “fluid” pages that fit the users interests. To achieve this we used content fragments that are dynamically loaded, creating a personalised page for the user. In this talk I want to give you insight how we built such a “fluid” experience in AWS. How we store the content and decide which content to deliver for a user and how we leverage analytics to make all of this work.
19 Uhr: break, pizza
19.30 Uhr: talk 2 and discussion
Speaker: Mohamed Radwan, AWS Community Builder and Senior Cloud Architect at T-Systems,
In this talk, I am going to explain the serverless architecture for two applications:
1- Instance Scheduler is an open-source web app that allows users in your organization to save costs by starting/stopping (or scheduling) EC2 and RDS instances.
2- TakeIT is an MVP mobile app that connects shoppers with travelers.
You can earn money from a single trip and even more by helping shoppers get their needs and carrying their items to where you are already heading. Your luggage space can make you money.

Looking forward to the meetup.

Dresden AWS User Group
Dresden AWS User Group
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