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What we’re about

Welcome 🤗 to this fun and unique group of friends. I created this group because I wasn't really finding what I was looking for in this area on Meetup. I was wanting to socialize try new foods get a little boozy lol and make new friends and thought why not facilitate this myself. I'm always open to suggestions on new places to try so please feel free to reach out with any idea you may have. I'm excited to have you apart of the MEETUP CREW.

The focus of this group will be to meet twice monthly (schedule permitting) and have dinner and drinks and some lively conversation, and to make new and long lasting friendships. Please come prepared to pay your share. With that being said the expectation is that you're coming to enjoy a meal with friends. Please don't order a water and be surprised we're at a restaurant or complain of the restaurant menu items or cost...I always put a description in the event as well as pictures and a link to the menu if possible, however maybe this event isn't for you. There will be future events, sit this one out and come to a better suited event in the future.

Sometimes the venue only allows small groups and there for the RSVP group can be smaller sometimes. To avoid charging a monthly subscription for this meetup group, I spend time calling and arranging RSVP for restaurants that don't charge a fee.

This has also been a little bit of a learning curve for me as well. Several folks have no called no showed to some events and it leaves me having to explain why 6 out of 12 people showed to the very annoyed wait staff. So please let's show appreciation to the wait staff and respect for the people that put in effort for the event planned.

I ask that if you RSVP to please be respectful and change your status to not going if you know you can't make it. I have long wait lists of people that would love to take your place, and I as your event host would appreciate you being respectful of my time. **I will send out direct messages to attendees two days before said event and if I don't hear from you I will remove you myself.** So please be sure to come back to the event and double check your status, I would hate to not have a seat for you. Also if this becomes a repeat issue I will remove you from the group.

I look forward to meeting you, if you have any concerns please direct them towards me. I highly discourage any unsolicited messages to other members. I understand that some people are looking to date or find someone and if that works out in a respectable way for you congratulations... However please come with the idea that we're all here for friendships.