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Reiki Level 1 Attunement Certification Class - Raise Your Vibration!
Reiki Level 1 Is For Everyone! Infuse Reiki into your drumming, your art, your dance, etc. Experience Reiki Level 1 and raise your vibration an be in the "flow" with more ease! (pre-payment required for registration of this course) Details: (Includes: Reiki I Learning Materials (handbook), Discussion, Chakra Clearing, Guided Meditation, Attunements & Reiki I Certificate) w/ Jamie Wareham (Shamanic & Traditional Usui Reiki Master) • Are you ready to jump into a new level of energetic change in your life? • Do you want to help energetically heal: yourself, your animals, loved ones, the planet? • Are you ready to see the world with new eyes? …If so, you are ready for Reiki. Reiki I Certification Class Outline * This a pure lineage, only 7 removed from Dr. Usui himself. • You will receive information on the history of Reiki and how it flows within the Chakra systems (charts and examples provided in the handbook). • You will receive the basic Reiki I hand positions for Self-Treatment (21-day self-treatment cleanse) as well as working with animals and loved ones. • You will receive a mini-Chakra clearing as well as journey through a guided meditation to meet some of your Guides prior to the attunement process. • You will receive Reiki energy attunements that will permanently raise your vibration. This upward vibrational shift will help to clear out old patterns and energetic density as well as activating your new levels so that you become like a radio tuner, now highly tuned in to the powerful Reiki Level I energy (healing yourself, your animals, your loved ones and humanity at this level). If you can not register and pay here via the Meetup website, here is the website link to formally register for the certification course: **Please email [masked] with any questions.

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