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CDMUG March 2012 Meet Up - Too Many Topics

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March meetup will be jammed packed with presentations as we have too many topics. Starting off with a Drupalcon Denver recap for those who were not in Denver and a quick update from C.B. Ladd's adventure last month. Plus presentations about Drupal5 with mobile CSS from the Art Institute, EntityFieldQuery Awseomsauce, and securely taming Git.

Duo Consulting opens doors at 6:00pm for attendees to arrive, socialize, and hang out before meetups. We try for presentations to officially start by 7:00pm. Comment your RSVP with full name and bring photo ID to gain authorized access to Duo's office downtown.


A Liberating Adventure: Round 2! by C.B. Ladd
Drupal5, CSS, and Mobile by Nikhil Trivedi EFQ Awesomesauce by Fredric Mitchell Taming Git by Tim Madden C.B. Ladd was a desktop and web application developer (using the .NET framework). He has recently accepted a Drupal challenge: port a small business's basic/html site into Drupal and let the chips fall where they may.

Nikhil Trivedi is a developer at the Art Institute of Chicago (

Fredric Mitchell is an engineer at Treehouse Agency (, a boutique development agency specializing in large-scale, high-performance CMS-driven websites. Clean code is akin to clean design and he ultimately believes this fosters great user experiences for any application, no matter how small.In his non-working hours, Fredric enjoys vicariously reliving the days of Thundercats and Voltron through his family and dog, Drupy.

Tim Madden of Connect2Market ( helps clients by delivering them software tailored to serve their needs and opportunities.

Estimated Agenda:
6:00 - Doors Open
6:30 - Arrival, and Socialize
7:00 - Meetup starts with Drupalcon Denver recap
7:15 - Presentation: Nikhil Trivedi - Drupal5, CSS, and Mobile
7:45 - Break with Questions and Answers
7:45 - Presentation: Fredric Mitchell - EFQ Awesomesauce
8:15 - Presentation: Tim Madden - Taming Git
8:45 - Questions, Answers, Closing/Wrap Up
9:00 - Beer @Dick's Last Resort ( (315 N Dearborn St (,+IL&cid=0,0,18147764509443110714&z=16&iwloc=A))

The Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group is proud to present at least two featured presentations about the hottest Drupal topics each month. We have room for 75 people and all skill levels are welcomed. If you are brand new to Drupal we recommend attending one of our free monthly training workshops.

CB Ladd IS BACK TO GIVE US AN UPDATE!!....net2Drupal: A Liberating Adventure Round 2....the more I peel back the Drupal onion, the more I like it. I didn't do jack with it when I got started a couple of years ago... then I left my .NET job a few weeks ago and fired up a machine I hadn't used in a while... got into a panic that I wan't doing anything worth anything and built a few Drupal sites over the course of as many days... Drupal is it for me now... I'll never go back to .NET... It's so EASY!

Nikhil Trivedi will be presenting....Drupal5, CSS, and your site for mobile: I'll talk about how we used our existing site and added CSS to restyle it for visitors on mobile devices. I'll discuss how we thought about the design of our mobile layout and how we implemented it in our D5 environment.

Fredric Mitchell will be presenting....EFQ Awesomesauce....Fredric will evangelize the awesomeness that is EntityFieldQuery ( He will discuss how to use it, extending it, and go over how Treehouse Agency ( uses it with the platform, saving you millions of dollars in taxpayer money!

Tim Madden will be presenting...Taming Git...using gitolite and gitlab to create a secure collaborative development environment

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