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Sydney Drupal Meetup - Config Split Module & Presto Drupal distribution

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This month we continue with Drupal 8. Whether you're a newbie or already using there will be something for you!

1800 Drinks
1830 Presentations
1915 Lightning talks and announcements
1930 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
2100 Kickout

Presentation 1: Setting up config split in D8 (Thom Toogood)

The config Split ( module allows you to set different config per environment, very useful when you want dev modules enabled and configured in a dev environment or SIT API keys on all non PROD environments. We'll discuss how to set it up and cover some basic use cases.

Presentation 2: Presto! A magical way to start developing in Drupal 8 with Drupal Commerce (Jonathan Rhodes and Chin Godawita)

We will be introducing Presto ( a Drupal distribution built by Sitback ( with batteries included. It sets up some sane content editing defaults and helps you kickstart your site with Drupal Commerce. We will also share the challenges faced in this journey.

Looking for work?
A chance for Drupal developers who are looking for work (contracts, partnerships, employment) to make a 1 min pitch to the audience. This is your chance to intro yourself. Be sure to mention your skills and what work you are looking for.

Lightning talks
Got a quick 5 min talk up your sleeve? Bring it along on the day.

Get involved

We are actively encouraging presenters and mentors to come forth to take part in future events. If you have some ideas, just let us know. Each month there is room for lightning talks as well, so if you have something to present bring it along.


Shout out to the sponsors of the Meetup. You can see them listed on the left hand side of this page.

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