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He's arguably the "Moriarity" to the Doctor's "Sherlock"; the Master, a fellow renegade Time Lord, has - throughout the years - threatened to defeat the Doctor, disrupt time, and rule over chaos.

So please join us for a screening that will highlight the Master's greatest threats against the Doctor, and which encompass both the classic and new series.

We will start with the first two parts of the new series' Season Three ender - Utopia finds the Doctor (David Tennant), Martha (Freema Agyeman) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) on a far-flung planet in the far future, where a kindly professor (Sir Derek Jacobi) attempts to help the last of humanity. But as events progress, the Professor finds himself learning a deep, dark secret about himself.....

....the effects of which find ourselves caught listening to a sound at the edge of hearing - The Sound of Drums. Back on contemporary Earth, we find that Harold Saxon (John Simm) - a political wunderkind - is now Prime Minister. However, he soon reveals himself to be one of the Doctor's greatest enemies...with a sinister agenda.

But we're going to take a look at how deep the Master's hatred of the Doctor has run by viewing a classic story that reinvented Gallifrey. Part conspiracy thriller, part political satire, The Deadly Assassin came during the golden years of Hinchcliffe/Holmes/Tom Baker-era who, with the Doctor finding himself on his home planet dealing with an ever-winding threat. It would be easy to go back to UNIT-era Who, but there's something about The Deadly Assassin that strongly resonates in today's culture....and which we think you will enjoy.


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