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The Spare-Ribos Operation Part Two
EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that, genius that I am, I scheduled this event at the same time the premiere episode will be playing in cinemas. I think we can get a decent turnout for Fette Sau. After all, they're charging $13.33 for tickets in Moorestown. For that amount you could get a burnt-end sandwich and 2 beers at Fette Sau! #priorities If you'd really like to meet at Fette Sau, but can't because you're going to the cinema, leave a message here at If enough people do that we can always change the date of the event. I had a lot of trouble deciding when it would be good to have another event in Fishtown. I decided there's no bad time for bbq, and there's little chance of conflicting with new episodes on a Wednesday night. This was pretty popular last time we did it, so why mess with a good thing? We would be delighted if you'd join us, just mere days after the debut of Judy Witherington's first episode as Doctor Who!

Fette Sau

1208 Frankford Avenue · Philadelphia, Pe


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