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***Discovering Terrains***

We are a bunch of adventure seekers who wander to explore, exercise, and just have fun.The best way to make this club work for you, is to post messages (questions, thought, ideas, advice) on the boards about what it is you like to do. Tell us your goals.

We are not limited to any particular sport or event. All outdoor activities are sought after. So if you are looking for backpacking, camping, biking (road and mountain), hiking, rock climbing, skiing, scuba, sailing, flying, outdoor photography, kayaking, shooting, horse riding, archery or anything else having to do with adventure or fun, you are at the right place.

For more fun, pull in your friends and best buddies too.
Welcome on board and see you on an adventure soon.

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Take good pictures | Bharat Naidu

Online event

Tambola | Online Game Show | Season 3.0 | Ep 6

Online event

Tambola | Online Game Show | Charity Event | ≥ 100/-

Online event

Tambola | Online Game Show | Season 2.0 | Ep 6

Online event

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