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What we’re about

"Don't just dance, change your life!" 

Salsa y Caribe Dance Projects Studio is a organization which focuses on sharing and introducing the true essence of the Salsa music and other Latin Caribbean rhythms as well as cultural manifestations by combining the mastered skills of Entertaining, Dancing and Teaching all aiming to helping people better understand the Latin American culture and discover healthy, social-driven ways to have fun and interact. 

The goal at each one of our events is to provide the attendees with a unique/vibrant environment in which everyone has a great time through a combination of an excellent array of music, tailored interaction, and connection with guests. We refuse to see people as merchandise. Our true and honest adjective is to better the lives of those involved in our activities and improve society by fomenting a simple but very effective community approach among citizens. 

We genuinely care for people in our network and their welfare. We believe that happier, more social and thoughtful individuals make the world a better place.