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Oct 27, 2011


I'm a Dutch Android developer and long time software developer, previously DutchAUG organiser, now regular attendee :)

What is your main role (developer, designer, marketing person, app idea creator, etc.)?

I'm a developer with a big love for the Android architecture. I like to create apps that blend in well with the OS and work together with other apps.

What was the main reason for joining this group? What do you want to get out of the meetings?

Learning new things and meeting new people and sharing knowledge along the way.

What is your main (Android) expertise and focus? What are you good at?

I'm really an architecture and "under the hood" kind of guy. I make stuff work in a way that it keeps working and that the code itself is maintainable. I'm not a designer, but fortunately I work with talented designers and I have no problem turning those designs into apps.

What is your preferred language for communication (Dutch/English)?

I'm a Dutch native speaker but English isn't a problem for me.