DWeb Meetup (Virtual): 2020 Community Views Around the Globe

DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
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One year after DWeb Camp, our world is in flux. We’ve never needed community and connection more.

Join us for the July DWeb Meetup: 2020 Community Views Around the Globe

⭐*REGISTER VIA EVENTBRITE:* https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dweb-meetup-july2020-community-views-around-the-globe-tickets-114369343786⭐

On Gather.town, we invite you to join stretching on the beach at 6:15 PM CET Berlin.

Custom Camps will lead us in ice breaking games at 6:30-6:50 PM.

And we’ll hear from some of our 2019 Global Fellows, sharing their on-the-ground experiences from India, Brazil, and South Africa.

In communities that are largely offline, how do you educate your students, share good health information and protect yourself during COVID? What technologies and community practices are emerging to fill these needs?

DWeb Community: This is a chance to listen. To learn from those on-the-ground building community networks and offline solutions. For developers: a rare look into the tech needs of large swaths of the globe and some of the homegrown solutions that are emerging amidst the crisis.

Plus, John Conor Ryan and Mai Sutton will unveil the first set of DWeb Principles for your input and feedback.

DWEB NODE TIMES: SF: 9:15 AM / Austin: 11:15 AM / Boston: 12:15 PM / São Paulo: 1:15 PM / London: 5:15 PM / Prague-Berlin: 6:15 PM / Perm: 9:15 PM / Shanghai: 12:15 AM next day / Sydney: 2:15 AM next day / Auckland: 4:15 AM next day

6:15 PM CET: Stretching classes at the beach in gather.town

6:30-6:50 PM CET: Ice Breakers with Brady (aka Honey Bear) of Custom Camps (in the Zoom Interface)

6:50-7:00 PM CET: DWeb Music!

7:00 PM: Welcome

7:05-20PM CET: New DWeb Principles by John Ryan & Mai Sutton ( + Q & A)

7:20 PM CET: Introduction to Global Fellows by Mai Sutton

7:25-8:00 PM CET: Global Reports from on community needs & solutions:

TB Dinesh
Huire Queiroz
Marcela Guerra
Sol Luca de Tena
8:00-8:30 PM CET: Socialize & Meet the Global Fellows in gather.town