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DWeb Holiday Social: Hang out with folks from the DWeb

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Iryna N. and DWebBLN
DWeb Holiday Social: Hang out with folks from the DWeb


"No matter where we are, we are under one sky."
– Andi Wong, Under One Sky Project

Let's hang out! We'll spend some unstructured social time together & enjoy music, art, comics & a grounding guided meditation.

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As this unprecedented year ends, let's celebrate the things that connect us – community, creativity, music and laughter.

Building something together that is greater than ourselves.

Join us on December 29 at 10 AM pst (6 PM UTC) for the DWeb Holiday Social.

We’ll meet in to hang out and enjoy some unstructured social time together. Wander over to the beach for stretching. Enter the Gather Hall for musical performances. Share some laughs over the comics we love. End your year with a grounding guided meditation.

It’s casual, fun, and a chance to make new friends in the DWeb community.

Some highlights:

Andi Wong, artist and instructor, will share images from her Under One Sky Project.

Paul Frazee, technologist and musician, will play a few tunes for us.

Desert Blockchain will share your favorite comics of the year

Dr. Carley Corrado will help us get grounded in a guided meditation to end the year.

Brandon Wallace of Plan-Systems will perform a musical set.

Looking for volunteers:

What’s your favorite comic? Jay Carpenter is compiling a Decentralized Comic Collection to share. Send your favorite comics to

Have an activity, discussion topic, or performance you want to share?
We also need volunteers to help us run the event. Email us at

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