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What we’re about

DWeb is a series of events driven by local communities of developers, designers, information architects, activists, policymakers and journalists toward a global goal - building the web we deserve.

Mission 🚀 <br>We want to build the web that… <br>… remembers and forgets. <br>… is a marketplace and a public square, but also is a safe private space. <br>… has many winners.

The Web we use today is not private, reliable or free from censorship. It lacks a memory, a way to preserve our digital record through time. Decentralization offers security. By distributing data, processing and hosting across millions of computers worldwide with no centralized control, a new Decentralized Web has the potential to be open, empowering users around the globe to control and protect their own personal data better than before.

Our Story 🌳 <br>Originated from DWeb Camp 2019(, we want to bridge the developers and communities in Shanghai together in order to build a Decentralized Web that is locked open for good. We hope to create a space for dreamers and builders to freely discuss and share what they think is the best solution towards a better Web. Anyone with any technical background that is interested in DWeb related techniques and projects is welcome to join!

<br>DWeb around the globe 🌍 <br> <br>#DWebBLN >> <br>#DWebSF >> <br>#DWebBoston >> <br>#DWebCamp >> ( <br>