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What we’re about

The e-Team operates as an entrepreneur, start-up, and Founders support group, providing a practical business incubator environment where fellow entrepreneurs come to share the energy and experiences of their start-ups. Participating in the e-Team promotes a conducive setting for candid conversation among like-minded entrepreneurs that encourages growth, action and provides a confidential sounding board for members.
While e-Team Atlanta is not a business solicitation organization, we do accept requests from subject matter experts (e.g., accountants, attorneys, bankers, and other professionals) who are welcome to become sponsors. For a nominal fee of $25, a sponsor receives an allotted time of fifteen minutes to make a formal presentation of his or her service. For that fee, an advance notification to the e-Team membership will precede each meeting with the name of that month's sponsor(s), and that individual will also be identified and introduced as a sponsor during that particular meeting.
To register, simply click on the green "Chip In" button on any page of the e-Team Atlanta Meetup site. An administrator of the e-Team will contact you upon receipt of funds.

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