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What is eCommerce Brand Builders?

The #1 place to learn how to GROW ECOMMERCE BRANDS. A place where the misfits of the online world come to build real brands around physical products that their customers LOVE..

A community of people that want to make the world a better place, by harnessing the exponential power of the internet.

We first must create financial freedom for ourselves before heading out to solve the larger problems in the world.

We know that working in a dead end, 9-5 job, staring at the clock, helps no one (not even yourself).

And who are you?

You may be a student disillusioned with the fake “graduates schemes” the large corporations are courting you with.

You might be a white collar worker in the city that doesn’t give a sh*t about what you are getting paid to do each day.

You may be an entrepreneur fed up with the short term, fleeting profits of undifferentiated online businesses.

You know that you can become better than and create more value than those sitting at the top of these monolithic corporations.

And if one or more of those statements resonate with you... you have come to the right place.

What are we NOT:

- People looking for the quick win through "dropshitting" rubbish products
- People looking to make money for selfish gains (we believe that entrepreneurship will make the world a better place)
- Happy to submit to wage slavery
- Happy to let go of our ethics and morals in exchange for financial gain
- Going to waste our time on things that average people do (TV/gossip/commuting)
- Normal

To protect our valuable attention, all posts will need approval by an admin, if you feel like yours should be, drop Clay an email: clay@tomhunt.io.

If you have any questions about the Group, drop my main man Clay an email: clay@tomhunt.io, he will look after you.

That is all, head over to the pinned post to start moving through our FREE EBB content and we look forward to seeing you progress :)


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eCommerce Thursday's

4 Elder Street, London

eCommerce Thursday's

4 Elder Street, London

eCommerce Thursday's

4 Elder Street, London

eCommerce Thursday's

4 Elder Street, London

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