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Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul
Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul is the gift to the children by a living incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (lovingly known as Swamiji). Swamiji's vision is to create an enlightened civilization based on the four tattvas of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching and the Science of completion. He said that “I want the students to wake up like a flower, with deep love, and live with people who are meditators so they know how to balance themselves. The children will not absorb the negativity of the outer world and will maintain the purity of the inner world radiating Nithyananda – the eternal bliss!“ Nithyananda Weekend Gurukul is a place where celebration begins with the right words in the blossoming minds, creating a gateway of possibilities for children. By combining spiritual education with contemporary education is the way to create the leaders of tomorrow who will be a combination of Buddha and Bill Gates. If a child is taught these sciences before the age of 14, there is a high possibility of becoming enlightened. In just 15 years, we can create a new generation of enlightened leaders - conscious leaders of tomorrow. Here is a brief program outline: • Develop a healthy and flexible Yogic body through Yoga, Kriya and Meditation for 30-45 mins • Develop devotional intelligence by awakening the feeling connection rith Cosmic energy through Vedic rituals like deities worship, puja, homa and kirtans. • Develop a Vedic mind through Vedic life solutions like Science of completion and 4 spiritual values and Upanishads. Suitable for children age 4-14 y.o.


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