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For the past 10 years we have been working on a way to get ordinary people to create extraordinary impact in their community. We launched, we failed, we struggled, we learned, we kept going and now.... we're here. The eNetwork has learned the formula to empower, educate and employ, that formula begins and ends with YOU! What we found was that it wasn't lack of funding, it wasn't that we needed more businesses, more entrepreneurs, more jobs... we found that we needed more people to BELIEVE in their GIFT! That special thing that's inside of you that's been dying to come out, that GIFT, that PURPOSE, whatever it is will change the community you're in, it will change the world.

Welcome to 2Excel's eNetwork, the network that empowers!

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TheRealBizCoach and Jeannine Muhammad on RealEstateBiz

Enoch Pratt Free Library--Orleans Street Branch

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