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****************IMPORTANT UPDATE ****************
Given the popularity of the topic and the sessions, this event is now moved to e-meetup on the following dates-

11April - 10AM to 12noon
Talk1- Why Flutter? - by Rakesh Ravuri
Session2- Design-to-App Like a Pro -by Anurag Bhandari
Session3- State Management in Flutter with Mobx - by Giri and Pavan Podila

18April - 10AM to 12noon
Talk1- Flutter- Way forward - by Rakesh Ravuri
Session2-Flutter with Firebase -by Rohit Kumar
Session3-Flutter Integration into existing Native mobile app -by Anish and Vishal

****************IMPORTANT UPDATE ****************

On 18Mar2020
The date of this meetup is pushed to 25April. Hoping things would get better by then.
Stay safe, everyone.

****************IMPORTANT UPDATE ****************
On 11Mar2020
With the current situation in mind, we will be changing the date for this upcoming meet-up.
For now this meetup stands cancelled.

Stay safe, folks!
Hope to see you all soon, once we are all clear on virus situation.

Design to App like a Pro - Anurag Bhandari
State Management in Flutter - Venkata Giribabu Jeedigunta
Flutter with Firebase - Rohit Kumar
Integration Flutter with existing Apps - Anish and Vishal

Meetup Update Alert!
Moving the date from 14March to 21March due to availability issues.
Everything else stays the same!

See you all!

Being the new kid on the block in the cross-platform development world, Flutter has already won the conventional frameworks of react and angular & is promising to be one of the fastest-growing mobile app development tools.

Join us for our premiere Flutter Meet-up where we talk and engage on "Why flutter? Especially now."

Series of interesting talks and workshops on state management in flutter to building native mobile apps to flawless designing to setting up firebase, we will discuss the main advantages of Flutter and if it is justifiable to switch from other platforms to this.

Expect a lot of learning, networking, fun and of course fluttering!
Leave the refreshments and lunch to us!

Looking forward to see you!