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XTC: Is SOLID outdated?

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Tom A. and Phil N.


Topic: Is SOLID outdated?

The SOLID principles were first grouped together by Robert Martin over two decades ago - but the principles themselves are much older.
A solid basis for good design (pun intended)? Perhaps. But in recent years there has been increasing talk that they are internally redundant, too focused on OO, or just missing the mark in other ways.

So are they still useful? Is it worth teaching them? Do we need a new acronym, perhaps referencing a different state?

After a refresher on what the SOLID principles are, we'll discuss (possibly in smaller groups) each one to decide if we think it's still valuable, in which circumstances, and whether there is a better alternative. We'll then bring it all together to see if any meta-conclusions drop out.


We'll meet from 6:30, kick off the session properly at 7:00, and regroup at 8:00 to choose a topic for the next session.

We'll meet online, using Zoom. A link to the meeting will be posted on this page nearer the time.


About XTC

The eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC) is London's oldest agile meetup, and has been meeting since 1999. Initially the meetup was focused on discussing Extreme Programming (XP), but it has expanded to include anything XP, agile, lean, or the larger context in which we do software development activities.

We welcome all software development newbies, practitioners, and experts to discuss topics of interest over drinks.

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