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What we’re about

Welcome to the 'Thrive-Minded Entrepreneurs" MeetUp Group!

Exciting news! We're re-launching our group with fresh energy and a new perspective. Whether you're familiar with our past focus or new to the group, we invite you to join us for an upcoming gathering.

What’s the Same:

Our core focus remains on the early-stage of starting a company.

We talk about things that span from the initial ideas to how to get to “product-market fit” and to start growing like crazy. The early stage is very different from the growth stage, and you need a specific kind of support to be able to quickly see real evidence of things working. 
What's New:

  • Thriving as a Founder. There is a lot to being a founder, and it's not all roses. Having a great experience as a founder is both possible and something worth working on together. 

  • Creating “Well-Designed” Companies. If we going to go through all of this work, we might as well end up with a great company that can be effective at every level. 

  • Focusing on the Long Game. Founders who change standards for their customers and in their industry are usually not looking for a quick exit. They are designing a company to do something meaningful and sustaining, which requires different strategies than the typical short-term “venture way” approach. 

Those playing a longer game are often overlooked and under-resourced. We want to change that. This group is one way we plan to do that. We offer other levels of support for those who are ready and able to participate in them, but free and low-cost opportunities to connect and learn will always be available here. 

Your Voice Matters:
We would love to hear from you and what you would like to see from this group in 2024, especially if the distinction “Long Game Founder” resonates with you. Please join us at an upcoming event or reach out to us directly to share your input. 

Thanks for reading! 

Kind regards,