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Earth Rising Sanctuary gatherings are for people who desire to share/learn techniques in the self healing arts for the individual and the earth, including traditional healing techniques, metaphysical, and green ways of living on the earth. ERS gatherings are for people who desire to share/learn techniques in the self healing arts for the individual and the earth, including traditional healing techniques, metaphysical, and green ways of living on the earth. They are also for family to come together in prayer, heart-song, Spirit music, dance and play. The sanctuary is also a place for up to 8 people (including children) to live and grow in their spiritual path, sharing healing, music, other artistic expressions, gardening, and other green ways of living. We are looking for people who desire to walk with a light footprint on this planet using as little fossil fuels as possible and utilizing the power of the sun and other alternative energy. The sanctuary is looking for light-workers to live at the sanctuary to manifest an abundance of love and light into this planet. We are looking for people who understand community, and working and playing together, for a combined enrichment of our lives in our own rhythm and time. One of our projects is growing organic non-gmo foods. The sanctuary encourages a vegan, vegetarian or mostly vegetarian with occasional ethically raised or wild meat diet. The sanctuary encourages a respect, reverence, and communication with all life. All spiritual views and cultures are welcome on our land, as long as you respect others ways, and don't push your beliefs onto others. Spiritual speakers, artists, musicians, dancers, gardeners, handymen (especially if into alternative energy), and children are welcome. Especially welcome are happy vibes helping to bring light down into the planet. Earth Rising Sanctuary hosts three Healing Gathering's per year (May, June, and August) plus a Midwinter Circle and Celebration, March Vision Council and Seed Exchange; an end of Summer Music Jam Party; Thanks Giving Prayer Circle; Winter Solstice Prayer/Vision Circle; New Years Eve Party; and weekly Music Jams. For all gatherings- community kitchen open to potluck offering and sharing. Contact for any details for upcoming gatherings, and if you would like to arrange your own group or private retreat/seminar/gathering. ERS formed in 2007, the first healing gathering-seminars were in 2008. ERS became a non-profit in the State of Washington in 2012, and in December 2013 the land title was signed over to the non-profit. ERS LOCATION: 3470-C Moore Rd. off of Flat Creek Road, Kettle Falls, WA---DIRECTIONS: North 3+ miles on 395 from jct. of 395/20 west side of Columbia River (2 miles west of Kettle Falls WA), turn right onto Northport-Flat Creek Rd. go 17.5 miles to Moore Rd. (large hay shed is on the corner to your right, opposite Fire Danger sign) Turn right and go to end (about 1.7 miles). Turn right at the school bus turn-around just past the pond onto the dirt road. Keep going straight ahead at tee following sign to Earth Rising Sanctuary. Lower parking area is 1/10th mile, upper parking area and buildings 2/10ths mile.---CONTACT: Feather 509-732-4301. I’ll call you back, or for slower response- contact me here on FB, or through earthrisingsanctuary55@gmail.com (not checked often- best to call- please understand if it takes upto a month to respond- phone calls will be returned within a few days).---LOCAL ACCOMMODATIONS(in addition to tent and Vehicle camping areas on land and a few spaces for workshop leaders in buildings): Columbia Cabins La Z Daze Retreats 509-732-6686 (10-12 miles away toward and in Northport). China Bend Vineyard Bed and Breakfast 509-732-6123 (6.5 miles away). ---SUGGESTED DONATIONS for Gatherings: $50 for weekend ($30 Saturday / $25 Sunday). No one turned away for lack of funds. You may help with the gathering (2 hours/per day) and offering gifts to presenters and land, are gratefully accepted and appreciated. (or any combination of above). Please do offer ($ / gifts) to workshop practitioners for private sessions you may enjoy. No drugs or alcohol. Please leave your pets at home. However, Service Animals, and pets of seekers whose home is on the road, welcome if arranged ahead of time, and at all times on leash and maintained. What food we have is what we bring and cook together. Especially appreciated is vegetarian organic food contributions. Eggs and any food with dairy within must be pre-cooked before you arrive and clearly marked. Please, if eat meat, bring only for yourself to eat. Also know, there is only a very small refrigerator on site. Everyone, on site for more than a short part of the day, is encouraged to contribute a shift in the kitchen/other gathering needs, especially if not contributing $'s. Please wash your own bowl and utensils. This is our community, all together. Other supplies also appreciated for kitchen, kids’ area (no war toys) and general supply such as toilet paper. Help setting up and cleaning up also deeply appreciated. Time shared with the children is encouraged; have you an idea for a workshop? Bring your own bowl, cup, and utensils, and whatever is needed for camping (remember flashlights). Smaller sized tents are encouraged, as space is limited for larger family tents (35 campsites). Also, space is limited for buses and motor homes (best to contact ahead). Much of this land is beautiful slabs of limestone rock, so bring warm padding to sit on.Most of all bring lots of Light, Love, and Joy!

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August 10-12th 2018 Earth Rising Sanctuary Healing Gathering

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