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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in Self-Directed Education (SDE) and other similar paths that serve as alternatives to mainstream education. We are here to provide a dynamic and open space to promote and provide resources!

What is Self-Directed Education?

Self-Directed Education is school-aged youth creating and leading their own education and learning experiences.

It is quickly becoming the most sustainable and advanced method of schooling! SDE promotes uniqueness, creativity and nurtures natural drives of curiosity, playfulness and sociability. It is the fast track for our youth to develop relevant life-skills pertaining to their interests and needs.

SDE is contrasted by conventional schools, which topics, schedules and systems of rewards and punishment are imposed onto youth. Mainstream school is a system of conformity and is clearly outdated. It has been around too long and is not keeping pace with the world around us!

Who should join? We encourage teachers, administrators, policy makers and change makers with an interest in education reform or SDE types of education. Definitely PARENTS!!! Parents with kids of all ages! Join the conversations and share your experiences, be heard, or just listen in!

Please see the Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) for comprehensive information on this global movement!

Can't wait to meet you at one of our upcoming events!
Let's make "school" relevant for a child's real life, now and for their future!