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Walking barefoot through nature is a fun and rewarding way to exercise your feet. When hiking barefoot the feel of cool dirt, smooth rocks, soft pine needles, and crisp leaves all add to the delight of the hike. You feel connected to the earth. In the absence of dry leaves you are silent. We are a group of barefoot hikers located in Eastern Mass who enjoy getting together for hikes of varying intensity. Whether you are a seasoned barefoot hiker, a beginner, or even if you've never hiked, come join us on the trail. We will provide instruction to those that would like to learn.

Past events (69)

Perambulating the Ponds (easyish)

Harold Parker State Forest

Monadnock on Mem-day?

Monadnock State Park

Easy for beginners: Reading Town Forest (recurring)

Wood End Elementary School

Signal boost: Hale/Noanet Two-peak Hike

Hale Reseration

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