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Hello, my name is Christine. I'm a programmer, designer, and educator. I launched this project called Eastern Minds Alike in Jan. 2019, aspiring to introduce Ancient Chinese philosophies and wisdom into the west, to help people achieve inner well being, as well as understanding more about China, Chinese people, the Chinese way of thinking, to really understand why this ancient country could last longer than 5000 years.

I made YouTube videos on ancient Chinese wisdom, such as Iching, Tao Te Ching. Here is one video I made about Iching,


You can learn more about the project through the website: https://yitingcai.com/eastern-minds-alike

I would also occasionally post bite-sized ancient Chinese wisdom & knowledge to help people learn and grow on different social media platforms:
Instagram: @EasternMindsAlike
Twitter: EMA09011

Elizabeth Gilbert once said in her book the Big Magic, "do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?" , which happens to be a similar question I ask myself, as someone who’s been immersed and privileged enough to be able to grow up in two very distinct cultures, both eastern and western, what does this experience mean to me? (As I’ve always had an inkling idea that this experience was one of the competitive edges of mine, and I have to do something.)

In the past 7 years studying abroad in the US by myself, not only has I learned how to be more independent and empathetic towards different cultures and people, but also has I realized how misunderstood people of different backgrounds are towards each other. And I made my mind that I want to do something to bridge this cultural gap, at the best I can — I want to be a culture ambassador and introduce Chinese culture to the western world, in a way that makes sense to people who are curious about my culture, people, history and everything. Despite how different the two cultures are naturally, I think it’s possible to find that connection that merges the two.

I’m sure there are people out there who are more capable or eligible than I am to fulfill this mission, and I would certainly not be the only person who can do this. The fact is that you would never be the only or best person to do anything that you want to do in your life. For me, it’s more like do I want to do it even if I am not guaranteed anything, and the answer is a firm yes.

Ideas are easy, execution is key. I know from the beginning of 2019 that I want to commit my life to something bigger than myself, that truly matters to me, most of all, I believe that would bring values to other people, to be more empathetic towards each other.

I want to share everything that I know would help people to learn and grow and be more loving and caring. As Oprah Winfrey has said, life is better when you share it. What I am doing here is nothing but 抛砖引玉(initiate my humble knowledge or opinion, in the hope of eliciting some great thoughts from you guys). There is still a long way to go, but I’m so excited to embark on this journey with everyone who would love to join along the way. Let’s make this community a great one❤️.

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(Asian Snacks Provided) Keep Calm and Learn Some Ancient/Modern Chinese Culture

What's up guys!!!! We will have our very first general body meeting this month!!! RSVP & Get Your Ticket here at Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2G5LLVE LIMITED SEATINGS, save your spots TODAY: ) The good thing is for EVERYONE who comes, I have prepared something special for every single one of you. Is it for me?? Everyone from all walks of life is welcomed. The goal here is to foster a community where we get to take a break from our busy schedule and learn to live in the PRESENT MOMENT. Most of all, it's especially perfect for someone who is: Always is wondering about Chinese culture, ancient or modern; Wants to learn some Chinese; Curious about Chinese people, Chinese ways of thinking; Needs some pro-tips for traveling in China, or where to find the best Chinese food in the city (I honestly think Chinese cuisine could be an event on its own); Chinese TV shows. ..... (I'll prepare the printouts or any materials for YOU) These are all the topics we are going to cover in this or future meetings In addition, I also want to know about you guys, including your expectations, what you hope to learn about ancient Chinese culture, what's your impression, what have you always been curious about China, stuff like that. So I can organize more events that cater to your needs about learning/sharing Chinese culture. (If you can't make it this time, leave your comments on topics you want me to include and I'll make sure to accommodate the best I can) Dress code: Maybe dressed up with a Chinese-lettered shirt?? I was just kidding XP (We don't have dress codes) The event is only accepting a limited amount of members due to the limitation of the hosting site (can't accommodate more than 10 people). So make sure to get your ticket ASAP!!! We will host at a WeWork space in Manhattan, New York. Don't get frustrated if you are not able to come this time, we will have our second meeting soon after. About the host: - I'm Christine (feel free to call me Yiting (my real nameXD), I have an English name just in case people have a hard time remembering or pronouncing it) - I was the Co-president/Chinese expert/member of UGA Chinese Language Society for full four years back in college, had TONS of experiences organizing culture, language events. Check out here: https://yitingcai.com/college-life - Born and raised in Hangzhou, China. - Came to US for college by myself at the age of 17. Wants to know more, come and say Hi!!! My Twitter: @CAI0901 Eastern Minds Alike Twitter: @EMA09011

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