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What we’re about

This group is for anyone looking for an affordable local yoga class to develop and support health, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 
You don't have to be young, slim, flexible and fit to practice and experience the benefits of yoga. Whatever your shape or physical fitness, yoga offers greater ease, flexibility and strength, peace of mind and connection. Yoga offers benefits to people of all ages and lifestyles, whether you are a desk-based office worker, active in sports or are just busy with life and all its day-to-day demands. 

My intention is to build an affordable, community yoga class that is accessible to people working at a range of levels. Come along if you are looking for:
a holistic approach to exercise that supports health and wellbeing
greater ease of movement and flexibility
movement that gently builds core strength
improved balance and co-ordination in both mind and body
improved energy and vitality
a positive approach to dealing with stress, physical or mental tension in your life
greater depth of connection with self and others, a sense of peace, inner freedom and harmony 

or have just been thinking about trying yoga for ever and haven't quite made it yet......
You can expect warm-ups to prepare the body followed by well-sequenced dynamic practice. We’ll build slowly with clear, step-wise instruction, a focus on healthy alignment and mindful movement to develop skills and confidence and give time for the body to feel and respond. We’ll also have plenty of time for a deep, final relaxation.

This is a Beginner/ Level 1 class: I build up poses step by step and offer options and modifications for a range of levels so are suitable for those with yoga experience as well as people new to yoga or returning to yoga after a break.  
Come along to enjoy the benefits of yoga with an insured and qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher.
Contact me: 
to book a place in class
for more information about classes, events, individual or private tuition
to join my mailing list for regular updates  
Look forwards to meeting you!  Sue

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