Raines C.Raines C.

Raines C.

Co-organizer, Cohousing Coach and Aging In Community Author


Berkeley, CA

Joined group

Jul 15, 2003


I believe that helping people create the intentional neighborhoods known as cohousing communities is key to our economic, environmental, cultural&spiritual progress. As a Cohousing Coach and regional organizer, I thrive on the opportunity to connect

How did you hear about East Bay Cohousing?

I was involved in the development (as a member) of Swan's Market Cohousing back in 1997 and heard about meetings of folks working to create new alternatives. I joined as a backup plan and ended up keeping the group moving forward for the past decade.

What does Cohousing mean to you?

Sustainable community living, the seeds of EcoVillages. Connecting with neighbors. Providing mutual support.

What's most likely: Rent, Buy, Share, Build, Co-create?

I already own a cohousing condo, but I'm eager to work with others to co-create new opportunities around the area.

Where are you most interested in living?

I'm happy living here at Berkeley Cohousing, although I do miss the urban-downtown vitality of Swan's Market Cohousing in Oakland.