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What is Spiritual Freedom?

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What is Spiritual Freedom?


ECKANKAR is the Path of Spiritual Freedom. What does that mean? Having just begun the new year of 2019, every second Sunday of each month as in the past years, Eckankar of Northeast Kansas will present Light and Sound Services to explore this subject story by story, revelation after revelation by real Eckankar members.

For starters, Spiritual Freedom means to live the life we choose by building the best version of ourselves, living for God while giving to our loved ones and the world around us, and taking responsibility for our future while learning to live more freely within the universal laws.

Please join us for a special treat of listening to a performance by our very own cellist that will take us to a higher level to take out to the world.

Photo of Eckankar Spiritual Adventurers NE Kansas group
Eckankar Spiritual Adventurers NE Kansas
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