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Welcome to the largest Green/Eco-living/Sustainability/Permaculture/Environmental meetup group in Chicago area!

This group is for anyone who is concerned about the environment, supports the green movement and interested in eco-friendly living.

The Green Movement, Eco-Living, Permaculture, Sustainability, Environmentalism, Nature Preservation, Green Living, Conservation of Natural Resources, Holistic Living, Ecology, being Environmentally friendly, Alternative energy, Recycling, Bio-fuel & other Green Earth Technologies, Wildlife and Nature Conservation, Global Warming, Environmental Awareness, Green Party, Conscious Living and more. If any of these topics is of your interests and you are looking to meet like-minded people then this group is for you.

We regularly meet for group discussions, movies, picnics, and other group activities to support each other and to raise public awareness.

The purpose of this group is to "Educate, Connect, Inspire":

- Educate each other and the public about environmental issues
- Connect like-minded people, foster networking, mutual support, and information exchange
- Inspire eco-conscious and holistic living

Our membership is free, non-committal, and offer no mailing list for members to avoid any spam. Please join us to participate in variety of our events and to meet more like-minded friends along the way!

Please visit Chicagoland Green & Eco-living (CGE) on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GreenChicago

Upcoming events (2)

Ft. Sheridan - Openlands Hike

Openlands at Ft. Sheridan

Come Out and Hike the Openlands Lake shore Preserve at Fort Sheridan! The 2 1/2 hour (4 mile) loop includes Lake Michigan shoreline and bluff tops, oak savanna, ravines, interpretive sculpture, and a human sun clock. Please Note: There is one part of the hike that requires us to go down the face of a bluff.... it's not difficult, but please be sure you can handle this part. Dress in layers, because the lake shore can be much cooler than inland, and wear sturdy shoes. No drinking water available, but trail parking includes a toilet. Please note that dogs are not allowed when we go down to the shoreline below the bluffs. Driving directions: from Sheridan Rd, turn left at Simonds Way and go east & south to Patten Rd and the trail parking area. (See the map below; you drive to trail parking as if you were walking from the metra train.) Also note that you cannot go to Patten Rd parking through the army reserve base area or the reserve housing area of Ft Sheridan. Please use "Comments" area in the bottom of the event page to offer/ask for rides and post any general questions or comments. I look forward to seeing everyone there!!

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Here is your opportunity to take initiative and suggest our next meetup! Anything eco-related that is at least two weeks ahead (the more in advance the better)! Just click https://www.meetup.com/eco-living/suggestion !

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Garfield Park Conservatory

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